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Ice cream parlour

The division of the 800 square meter space was done according to the needs dictated in the pre-design program: an open space for the creative divisions (programmers, animators and graphic designers), two conference rooms, two closed executive offices, a fun room which includes a dining area and unofficial resting and working spots.

The goal was for every area and element in the office to be associated with fun and gaming, to create a fun environment which inspires and promotes creation. Every corner holds within it a pleasant surprise.

The element of entertainment

comes into play in the public space which contains relaxing areas and a cafeteria.

After many years in the world of high-tech, as a project manager in the field of business intelligence,

I decided to follow my passion for aesthetics and become a designer.


Despite my career change, I still maintain a warm sentiment for my previous world. So, when an opportunity arises to design a high-tech space, I felt as though I can truly relate to the "other side" – the long working days, the dynamic and fast paced activity, and beyond it all, the importance of a well-designed, inspiring and functional work space.

When I was put in charge of designing the offices for ILYON, a company who develops mobile games, it felt like the perfect fit.

All public office spaces and hallways display framed hand drawn sketches by the company's animators, from early game development stages.


The open work space is decorated with large wallpaper displaying sketches with no borders, going from the walls to the ceiling, while the writing on the wall states: "stretch your mind".

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