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Tel Aviv, Israel
450 SQM

Chorus is a high-tech company which specializes in deciphering soundwaves. Therefore the design concept is based on soundwaves.

The concept of soundwaves comes into play in the varying length of LED lights, lamps with strings and filament light in different sizes, all of which create the feel of soundwaves.


Due to Chorus being a young, dynamic, startup company, it was immediately clear that the design's guiding principle should be light and cheeky, yet sophisticated, which fits well with the spirit of the company.

The end result is a young and light feeling office space full of inspiration.

Located at the end of the corridor is a bowling lane, available to workers, in order to clear the mind midday, and allow for a break area.

A large relaxation area

contains several couches, a television and a large map of the world, which was salvaged from the trash.

The conference room and cafeteria are separated from the rest of the space by folding "harmonica doors".

During large events, the doors can fold open to create one massive space.

The company's color, turquoise, is found in different spots throughout the space, as well as the ceiling. It is used just enough to create the sense of the color, without it being dominant.

The office design is based around open work spaces. Between these open spaces we created non dividing dividers: naked block walls with an industrial look, upon which glass plates have been placed.


This creates a sound barrier, without closing in the different areas, creating an open feel, while maintaining privacy.

The glass plates operate not only as barriers, but as drawing boards as well – a functional tool.

At the end of every table we created a divider, from blocks, in order to create a private space for employees. On these blocks are metal nets which employees can use to hang pictures, plants and more.

The corridor contains dedicated niches for office small talk. These are small work spaces for two people, private and acoustic, based on the notion that often times informal chats develop into critical conversations.

Frosted vinyl stickers on the wall accompany the walk through the hallway, and create a soundwave shape. A functional piece, turned decorative.

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