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Tel Aviv, Israel
350 SQM

"No one's, but everyone's" - Designing a rental office space in Tel Aviv.

The space contains offices for rent with traditional office furniture or lounge seating, as well as large conference rooms.


The challenge in this design was to create a space which does not belong to any organization, yet is suitable to all. 


The attempt to create an experience of disconnection from the loud, fast-paced, urban environment while simultaneously fulfilling the customer's need to have a space in which successful meetings can take place, was the starting point when I was approached to design this concept, the first of its kind in Israel.

The brand wall is made of concrete and exhibits a huge abstract map of the city, pin pointing the location of the building on Rothschild 8.

This space takes the meeting

of people, and of materials, and creates something new.

In this space there is a strong sense of "meeting" between the different objects.

A meeting between lighting and an empty picture frame creates a decorative piece on the wall, which in reality contains nothing, though it has everything. It is dependent upon the observer, a meeting between people and objects.


The attempt was to create art which is disconnected of time, location and culture. It evokes an individual emotion from the observer, without an attempt from us to create a specific feeling.

We decided, in the spirit of "meetings", to put up a permanent exhibition by photographer Moshe Shay, who captures fleeting and spontaneous moments of Israeli cultural icons. Through the art, a meeting of creators and icons creates something big, which is etched into our local culture. 

When I curated the photos to be displayed, I asked myself how a meeting in Meet In Place would feel, between four media icons: Haim Hefer, Moti Kirshenbaum, Adam Baruch and Nathan Zehavi, all of whom are pictured together, in a photograph taken in the late eighties.


These photographs are often humoristic and perfect for breaking the ice through small talk, which is crucial to creating intimacy between individuals with no previous connection. The concept of meeting-to-create exists here without the need for time or location for context.

The corridor walls display a branded element stating seven conditions to a successful meeting.

The challenge of designing a space for no one, but anyone, created a pleasant design style, an eclectic mixture of urban "dirt" and Scandinavian polished aesthetic.

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