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Raanana, Israel
2400 SQM

Designing a 2,400 square meter office complex for a growing startup company.

Here Mobility is a subsidiary of the global HERE Technologies, a leader in the field of shared mobility.

At the time of my arrival the company hadn't yet gone through branding, there was only a name and a vision. 

The challenge was to encapsulate the experience of "shared mobility" through representation of both individual words in the design concept.


In its most basic form, "shared mobility" means the ability to get from point A to point B in an array of different possibilities. 

The selected concept highlights both possibilities and variety through:

Mobility possibilities designed into the space: circular walkways which allow for different routes to lead to the same destination.


Variety of working environments: shared tables, adjustable desks, lounges and individual booths.


Unique diagonal lighting patterns which comply with the company's design and logo.


Specialized objects which combine functions and perform multiple tasks​.

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