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Ramat Gan, Israel
250 SQM

Emet Barmor is a young innovative company specializing in cloud data storage solutions.

The company's leading product is "Cloud24", an app that allows data availability anywhere, at any moment.


The design concept is based on availability, movement and accessibility.

The office wall displays a large clock which always points at the hour "Now", a large schedule which allows memos to be pinned on every day of the month and a large map of the world, reminding the viewer that availability is everywhere, at any time.

The wall proudly presents, among others, a Steve Jobs' quote Don't settle, keep looking 

as well as a bicycle wheel.


These elements relate to the concept of movement, the underlining idea on which the company is based. 

When I arrived at the company's offices for the first time I discovered a partitioned, claustrophobic space. I chose to break down the walls and create an open space in which workers sit together around a large table.


There are no assigned sitting spots and workers can work wherever they please.

The design is modern, in the colors of orange, white and black, to match the company logo. 

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