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Tel Aviv, Israel
500 SQM

Maple is a rent-per-use meeting space center. The space includes standard and large boardrooms, accommodating up to 10 and 25 participants, as well as meeting rooms with saloon seating and a conference hall. 


The center is located in a preserved Bauhaus building in the heart of Tel Aviv. 

The branching of the leaves is echoed by the aluminum reception wall, etched with maple leaves, which are a crucial element of the center's branding.


LED lights covered with shards of shattered ice perspex protrude from the leaves, lighting them while visually creating the vein of the leaf.

The use of glass walls

creates endless reflections of lit leaves throughout the space.

The concept was to create a meeting space under a maple tree. The central motif of sitting under the tree, endlessly branching out, the depth provided by the layers of leaves, and the dynamic lighting and shading shifting throughout the day and over seasons, is portrayed by the use of illusions and reflections.

The logo wall in the conference hall also plays into the motif of reflection. It is a grooved mirror wall, modeled after the maple leaf itself.


Through the wall, a lit up hydroponic growing system is visible. The foliage lights I have designed for the center, further enhance the feeling of branching out. 


The result is a space rich with seemingly endless layers of leaves, branching out further and further, providing the observer with the feeling of being under a maple tree.

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