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Tel Aviv, Israel
350 SQM

Kumma is a young startup company which creates marketing solutions for advertising professionals, web site operators and other startup companies.


Kumma's offices are located in a preserved historical building on Rothschild Blvd. in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The building's history and Kumma's young and fresh image naturally dictated the design concept:

a unique blend of the modern startup aesthetic with the nostalgic feel of the city's historical elements.


The different spaces are surrounded by black frames as the walls proudly display historical photographs of the city, captured by the famed Rudi Weissenstein, Tel Aviv's first photographer, whose studio, established in 1940, is located only several buildings away.

The office spaces contain old photographs of the city's skyline, purposefully located adjacent to windows with the same point of view

The building's lobby boasts a large photograph of composer Leonard Bernstein, taken by Rudi Weissenstein, as well as an old original gramophone and renovated chairs from an old theatre. 


The interior is littered with vintage furniture, Eames lounge chairs and antiquated items from Jaffa's flea market as well as retro office furniture and colorful dressers.

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